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    Climate and Energy Policy &

    Strategy Research Group

    • KAIST-CEPS stands for Climate and Energy Policy & Strategy Research Group at KAIST. The group consists of graduate students in the School of Business & Technology Management and the Graduate School of Green Growth & Sustainability at KAIST, as well as full- and part-time research scientists at the Center for Sustainable Development at KAIST.


    CEPS Family Sites (alphabetical order): 


    Center for Sustainable Development (CSD)

    Demand-Side Solutions for Energy & Climate (DSEC)

    Integrated Assessment Modeling (IAM) Group

    Sustainable Finance and ESG Reporting (SFER)









    Our group is dedicated to advancing the understanding and development of effective strategies for addressing the pressing challenges of climate change and energy policy. Through rigorous research and collaboration, we aim to inform and guide managerial and government decision-making, promote the integration of renewable energies into the power grid, and address the challenges of integrating sustainability into financial decision-making.

    Research Topics & Projects



    • CEPS research is organized around three main areas:

    • (1) Integrated assessments of climate and technology policies: We work to provide decision-makers with rigorous and data-driven insights into the impacts and trade-offs of various policy approaches to climate change and technology innovation. For more information, click on KAIST Center for Sustainable Development (CSD). 
    • (2) Demand-side solutions for energy and climate: We focus on identifying solutions that can provide timely and robust demand response resources to better integrate renewable energies into the power grid, ensuring a reliable and sustainable energy supply. For more information, click on Demand-Side Solutions for Energy & Climate Research Group (DSEC).
    • (3) Sustainable finance and ESG reporting: We investigate the challenges and opportunities of integrating sustainability into financial decision-making, including sustainable finance, ESG reporting, and related areas. For more information, click on Sustainable Finance & ESG Reporting Research Group (SFER)



    We collaborate with the government ministries, industries, and NGOs through various projects, including

    • # "Development of Low-carbon Transition Scenarios and Multidimensional Feasibility Analysis," Korea-EU Collaboration Research Program, National Reserach Foundation of Korea, R&D Grant (2020-2023)
    • "Making Sense of Consumer Response to Electricity Time-of-Use Pricing," Korea Electric Power Corporation (2022-)
    • # "Projecting National Electricity Demand for Carbon Neutrality in Korea," Korea Power Exchange (KPX) R&D Grant (2021-2022)
    • # "Assessing the Financial Risk of Climate Change on Korea's Agricultural Sector" & "Development of GCAM-KAIST1.0 National Integrated Assessment Model," Pacific Northwest National Laboratory's JGCRI (2021-Present) 
    • # "Integrated Assessment of a Low Emission Development Strategy," Solutions For Our Climate, R&D Grant (2020-2021)
    • # "The Role of AI in Gig Economy: An Empirical Study on Rider's Productivity and Labor Supply" & "Assessing the Value of Anchor Stores in Mobile Delivery Platforms," VROONG (2021-2023)
    • # "Assessing the Impact of a Demand-Resource Bidding Market" & "The Value of Improving the Prediction Accuracy of Renewables Generation," Korea Power Exchange (2018-2020)
    • "Household Energy Consumption under Dynamic Pricing and the Role of Information" & "Air Pollution and Household Electricity Consumption," Encored Technologies Ltd. (2017-2020)
    • # "Experimental Research on the Impact of Information Feedback on the Demand Response of Electricity Customers under Dynamic Pricing," National Research Foundation of Korea, Mid-Career Research Grant (2017-2019) 

    # "A Field Experiment of Peak-time Rebate on Small Commercial & Residential Customers," Korea Electric Power Corporation (2017-2019) 

    • # "Development of an Integrated Top-down & Bottom-up System for Greenhouse Gas Reduction in Korea," Korea Environmental Industry & Technology Institute, R&D Grant (2014-2020)


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