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    Climate and Energy Policy &

    Strategy Research Group

    • KAIST-CEPS stands for Climate and Energy Policy & Strategy Research Group at KAIST College of Business. The group consists of graduate students at KAIST and full- and part-time research scientists at the Center for Sustainable Development at KAIST.




    As global climate change has now become the core issue of energy policy and business strategy debates, policy makers, on the one hand, are facing unprecedented challenges as they contemplate national and regional policies to mitigate or adapt to climate change with incomplete understanding about how different parts of the human and Earth system might interact with each other under the policies and how such interaction might affect the national economy and social welfare. On the other hand, business enterprises in various sectors of the economy, including energy, water, agriculture, finance, manufacturing, and transportation, are also confronted with the need to invest in and expand their operations against a complex backdrop of uncertainties about the impact of climate change, the effectiveness of global climate negotiations, emerging technologies with unknown cost and performance, and structural changes in consumer demand.



    • The mission of CEPS is to improve understanding and implementation of (i) organizational and technological decision making to take leadership in a carbon-constrained global economy and (ii) policies and business strategies to promote low-carbon energy system transition and climate change resilience. 
    • TOPICS


    • Seeking to solve real-world problems, our research portfolio encompasses all major CEPS topics, including but not necessarily limited to 
    •      ●  Energy & environmental economics and management
    •      ●  Green information systems and energy informatics  
    •      ●  Demand-side management of electricity with ICT
    •      ●  Electricity market modeling and economic analysis
    •      ●  Integrated assessment modeling for climate policy analysis
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